Development Transformation

Augmenting the Game Development Process via Bespoke Tools and Quality Engineering.

Amber is committed to help its customers transform their development processes and reach their full potential by implementing best practices such as Continuous Integration, Unit Testing, Static Code Analysis, Load Testing, Automated Testing, SDK/Service Testing, Development Monitoring, Change Management and Custom Tools.


Amber’s experienced leaders with 10+ years in the game industry provide consulting services to analyze and assess development, management and quality processes, make recommendations and assist in their implementations Examples include implementing code reviews, static code analysis, unit testing, refining time estimates, monitoring the development process and productivity through metrics, organizational changes, QA Dev relationship, etc.


Reporting tasks are simple to outsource, all that’s needed is access to data, a sketch of the report and the technology required.
Amber can help with Development/QA reports, Debug reporting/alerting and live Analytics as well as custom tools for KPIs.

Load Testing

Amber has extensive experience creating and executing load testing scenarios.
System testing, baseline/endurance/stress/performance testing, including systems under high load, interconnected services with social integration.
These tests are necessary to forecast infrastructure costs, ensure successful launch and monitor performance prior to each release.
No matter the technology used to monitor servers, we can work with it. If none is in place, Amber can assist in their implementation.

SDK and Service Testing

If your client’s logic is too complex to be simulated by a commercial tool, if you need to functionally test services or if you need to test SDKs, Amber can assist by building custom test harnesses. While doing so, a fresh eye pass on documentation can be done as well to ensure the end users have everything they need and that integration is as easy as possible.

Automated Client Testing

At Amber, we know that most of the value of Automation resides in making the development process more efficient by reducing the cost of fixing issues. This is achieved by minimizing the time necessary for the escalation of issues and removing human intervention. Finding those issues is often more expensive to do automatically than manually. Only by doing it automatically we can do faster and more often as part of the CI system.

Web Applications

Using Selenium, Amber has experience testing complex Web Applications such as automating 100% of the tests for Customer Support tools.

Native Mobile Applications

For native application, Amber can automate your tests using Espresso and XCTest to provide robust, reusable tests.

FE Automation/Unity Mobile Games

Using our own technology based on Appium, Amber can provide FE test automation without requiring any instrumentation of the client thereby allowing the automation of the live application as well as the test version. This technology can also control multiple instances of the client, on device, thus allowing the testing of multiplayer features.

Custom Tools

Amber can assist with any type of tools development in support of processes: managing inventory, streamlining status reports, monitoring performance, validating data manually or automatically as part of your art pipeline. Those are just a few examples of the tools Amber delivered in the past.

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