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Meet Amber

We are a game development and studio services agency.

We are innovation partners, purveyors of a new development services model for creative industries.

What We Do

Amber Games

We are first of all passionate gamers. We build our own games, we make our own fun. We love the challenge of creating games from the concept to the last bit alignment.

Check out the games that we created from A to Z, offering full development services.

Cinderella Free Fall was Amber’s first dive into making a game from scratch and remains, to this day, the longest living title by Amber. If you’re not one of the 8 million people that downloaded the game, here’s a few words about it.
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There is nothing like the feeling of looking at the very first creation as it starts kicking beneath the white sheet. With a gasp, we found ourselves screaming ‘It’s alive, it’s alive!’.
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Production on our original title Rumble Heroes lasted 1.5 years, including a 3 month soft launch in Australia and Romania. It was the most ambitious undertaking Amber had ever committed to.
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Positron X
PositronX is a futuristic rogue-lite FPS filled with randomly generated levels, items, and enemies; fast-paced combat; creative movement and time control mechanics with breathtaking visuals. Each playthrough gives you a unique experience every time you play this game. Play. Die. Repeat.
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Criminal Empire
A mobile modern crime RPG where a thug life is the only life. Get ready to assemble a crew, ice your enemies, make bank selling illicit goods, then expand your domain and take your operation worldwide! Do you have what it takes to be the most ruthless kingpin ever?
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What We Do

Agency Services

We are proud to be working with top video game companies and supporting them in creating great products.

Amber maintains five service pillars, including:

  • Full Game Development
  • Co-Development
  • Live Operations
  • Custom Development
  • Development Support.

What we Believe in

City of Amber

The Ideology of a Creative Agency.

See what we believe in, how we do things, how we try to have a positive impact on our company, our community and the world.



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Shared knowledge

White Papers

We firmly believe in cooperation among industry peers and setting global best practices. That is why we created a series of free whitepapers, tackling issues, tasks, projects and services from the Game Dev World.

People of Amber

People are Amber’s key asset – not a resource, not capital, but an asset. Therefore, we assimilate Humanism as a

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Key AMBER initiatives

Amber has carried out over the years numerous projects with a significant sustainability impact, which cover education, innovation, diversity, and

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Amber Updates


Reboot 2023

24th April – 26th April 2023 REBOOT DEVELOP BLUE 2023   Amber Studio is delighted to be once again participating at Reboot Develop Blue 2023 in

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We are all about fun & creativity. We offer a full range of turn-key product development and live service solutions, organized into four pillars: game development, live operations, custom engineering and development support.