In connection with the theatrical release of Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures' highly anticipated motion picture SAW X, the studios have created an all-new experience in collaboration with Six Flags, Pure Imagination Studios and Amber that brings the iconic SAW franchise to Roblox, the global immersive platform where millions of people connect and communicate daily.

With the recent evolution of Roblox to allow creation of experiences for people 17 and over, “SAW X: Survive the Obby”, became the first immersive experience based on an R-rated movie or TV-MA rated television property and designed for people ages 17 and older on Roblox.

This webinar aims to introduce the strengths of Roblox as a platform for brands reaching new audiences, why some are choosing the platform for developing meaningful experiences based on IP, and how to reach older, 17+ audiences through the platform. Join us for a deep dive into the process and the challenges behind the development of SAW X: Survive the Obby, followed by a Q&A session.

Guest Speakers

Joshua Wexler is an American producer, visionary and entrepreneur. Over the last 30 years, Mr. Wexler has pioneered “transmedia” production and has created and produced content across nearly every media platform with some of the biggest brands in the world including Star Wars, Spider-Man, LEGO, The Avengers, Star-Trek, Aliens, Batman, Shrek, NASCAR, Mortal Kombat, The Justice League, and many others. He helped to build Mortal Kombat into a $5billion global franchise.

Wexler founded Pure Imagination in 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Pure Imagination is a full-service script-to-screen independent entertainment company focused on next generation story telling across all media platforms including feature films, television, animation, web and immersive experiences. The company has been pioneering stereoscopic imagery, virtual and mixed reality and real-time production for film, television and theme-parks since its inception, re- imagining the way content is created, distributed and consumed. The company consists of over 300 industry professionals who are based all over the world. Collectively, their advanced production skills, intellectual property management expertise and long track record of brand building and franchise creation has made them a go-to partner for many multi-billion-dollar brands and properties. From DreamWorks, FOX, The LEGO Group, Universal, Marvel, Sony, Warner Bros. Disney and others, Pure Imagination has produced countless hours of content and experiences over the last decade. During the pandemic, Mr. Wexler leveraged Pure Imagination's spatial computing and real-time production platform, Continuum, and produced a series of award winning Covid PSAs in just five weeks from script to screen.

Their slate of original projects include a variety of feature films, television and animated TV shows and offerings, including a holiday movie starring JoJo Siwa, the recently released LEGO Dreamzzz on Netflix, Amazon and Peacock, as well as an original animated special for Netflix based on Capcom’s “Monster Hunter”, the “The Freak Brothers” for Fox/Tubi and a movie and series based on “Afro Unicorn” one of the fastest growing family brands in the world. This is in addition to cultural experiences, digital series, amusement park attractions, immersive experiences and virtual and augmented reality, including the groundbreaking Alien: Descent (FOX NEXT) and Army of the Dead: Viva Las Vengeance (Netflix). Wexler began working in feature films. He co-founded Threshold Entertainment and Blackbelt TV, where as President, he oversaw creative and business development and raised over $200M in financing for film and television projects. He holds a B.A. degree in Film from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.