About us

Amber is a global game development company built by a collective of artisans residing in nine locations covering four different continents. We are evolving the art and science of play by operating on a scaled-up, vertically integrated organizational model to achieve mastery in the full set of game development specializations.

Our global network of multidisciplinary locations functions like an integrated hub, offering our partners a seamless workflow development, cost, and time effectiveness, while also ensuring excellence in all aspects of game development.

We have deep expertise in product development, cross-platform deployment, parallel launch strategies, user experience optimization, free-to-play monetization systems, data science, live operations, and more.


Within a decade establish a leading position in every segment of the game development supply chain.


We are a community of artisans delivering positive impact by evolving the science and art of play.


We believe the team comes before the individual, the collective before the ego, We before Me. We see our staff as partners, not employees, and our managers as servant leaders. Our teammates are self-empowered, entrepreneurial, and responsible business owners, holding their peers accountable for results and striving for greatness together.

For our teams to thrive, we create an environment of open communication, filtered through honesty and integrity, where every voice can be heard, leaving room for challenge and debate.

Play is an expression of freedom, and it stands at the root of innovation, which represents a key competitive differentiator for our agency. Innovation springs from our natural curiosity, and we foster an experimental mindset in our approach to every business and creative challenge.

We have the courage to be bold and we create an environment where it's safe to fail. We see mistakes as opportunities to grow.

We want our company to be a place where everyone finds their calling, which fulfils the human potential of its staff by nurturing a lifelong commitment to learning.

The growth mindset is a key differentiator for Amber, which motivates us to foster access to multidisciplinary educational resources geared at raising the skill level of our talent and offering learning opportunities to the communities in our broader ecosystem.

We foster a culture of continuous improvement, thus empowering our people to pursue incremental innovation in all facets of our work. We set up standards and KPIs for our work, maximizing return on investment and pursuing sound budget management practices.

Kaizen is our daily resolution to do things better, by empowering our teams to move fast, sharing best practices among teams, opting for simplicity versus complexity, removing bureaucracy and unnecessary process layers, keeping teams small and agile.

As artisans, our quest for quality demands we work to perfect our craft, so we iterate until we're happy with the results and we audit our own work. We seek to create products and deliver services that earn the respect of our partners.

We invest in obtaining the skills required for performance and we take pride in our work. We take ownership and own the outcome of our work, aiming for high partner and customer satisfaction, always striving to surprise and delight.

We see our company as a caring place, which feels like you're working with friends, doing important work that we're personally placed on earth to do. We cultivate selflessness and create an environment where everyone works diligently to help others.

We start from a place of trust and assume good intentions, allowing teams to deal constructively with conflict. We value authenticity, work for inclusion, and embrace diversity in all its forms. Amber is a people centric organization: finding talent, keeping, growing, and nurturing them, not to mention inspiring, supporting and enabling them throughout their careers.

Amber sits at the center of a series of concentric circles representing our studio, the local game dev industry and ultimately the broader society in which our teams are located. We feel a deep sense of responsibility and empathy towards the community within our company, industry, and society.

Giving back is part of our ethos and we'll invest part of our profit every year to make a difference. Our staff further contributes by volunteering their time to charitable causes, educating the youth on industry opportunities, and investing in our shared future.

Meet Our Team

Executive Leadership

Jaime Gine - Chief Executive Officer
Jaime Gine
Jaime Gine
Chief Executive Officer
Mihai Pohontu - Executive Chairman
Mihai Pohontu
Mihai Pohontu
Executive Chairman
Andreea Enache - Chief Revenue Officer
Andreea Enache
Andreea Enache
Chief Revenue Officer
Scott Humphries - Chief Product Officer
Scott Humphries
Scott Humphries
Chief Product Officer

Our History


Amber founded in Bucharest, Romania with 3 employees.

A QA discipline established alongside the engineering core.

Creative Studio formed.


Established the first creative studio, Avalon.

Hit the first $1M in revenue and 31 staff.

Moved into our first proper office space.


Released Cinderella Free Fall on mobile platforms, in partnership with Disney.

Carbon spin-off launched, an incubator for local indie studios.


Live Ops discipline established.

Amber hits 160 staff.

Moved into our current office, at Charles de Gaulle Plaza.


New offices opened in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Mihai Pohontu joined as CEO in March 2017.

Released Link Twin, an original puzzle concept, for mobile and PC.

Amber reached over 280 staff.


Merged with Lorraine, studio based in Bucharest, Romania;

Released Rumble Heroes on mobile platforms.

Reached $7.25M in annual revenues.


New location opened in Botoșani, Romania.

Merged with Scorpius Games, a Bucharest based PC/console studio.

Reached 400+ staff and $13.6M in revenue.


New locations opened in Guadalajara, Mexico and Montreal, Canada.

Merged with KaraOkulta, a Mexican studio.

Created new internal studio focused on PC / Console

Reached 600+ staff and $20.7M annual revenue.


Jaime Gine joined as CEO, Mihai Pohontu becomes Chairman.

Released Tetris Beat on Apple Arcade, in partnership with N3twork.

Reached 900+ staff and $30M in revenue.


New locations opened in Kyiv, Ukraine, Warsaw, Poland and Manila, Philippines.

Announced first external investment, company valued at $185M.

Reached 1,200+ staff and $45M in revenue.

Our Commitment To The Community

Amber Academy

Amber Academy

Amber Academy is an educational program that aims to share its educational resources with the entire gaming industry: from students to other peeps, and last but not least, with our colleagues.



AmberCast is a special project that emerged from our desire to encourage an extensive and disclosed community for people that are active or are just interested in gaming.

Her Own Game

Her Own Game

What if women followed their own game instead of listening to family and friends' advice to follow conventional careers most suitable for women? Discover real women with real stories about choices and success jobs in gaming.

Our production locations

Botosani - Experience a vibrant city with a peace of its own


Experience a vibrant city with a peace of its own

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Bucharest - Visit one of the biggest tech hubs in Europe


Visit one of the biggest tech hubs in Europe

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Guadalajara - Discover the mix of tradition and creativity


Discover the mix of tradition and creativity

visit the studio
Kyiv - Where heritage ignites innovation


Where heritage ignites innovation

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Los Angeles - Join the entertainment capital of the world
Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Join the entertainment capital of the world

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Manila - Enjoy a vibrant city of endless inspiration and creativity


Enjoy a vibrant city of endless inspiration and creativity

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Montreal - Explore the city for dreamers


Explore the city for dreamers

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San Francisco - Explore the City by the Bay
San Francisco

San Francisco

Explore the City by the Bay

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Amber Carrers and Internships

Careers & Internships

We are innovation partners, purveyors of a new development services model for creative industries.

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Amber Diversity Equity And Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ensuring a more equitable and inclusive world within our company, client work and communities.

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