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Botosani, a vibrant city with a pace of its own

Officially built six centuries ago, Botosani is a vibrant city in the NE part of Romania. Talent here comes naturally, as this is the city where many famous poets and academics were born.
Botosani has a pace of its own, being a good place to live in, with lots of green nature surrounding the area, good schools, and continuous cultural activities and entertaining options. A trip is worth taking, and maybe you get to stay and join our office!

95 National Road, Botosani, Postal Code: 710050, Romania.
Location Amber Botosani
95 National Road, Botosani, Postal Code: 710050, Romania.

"Started from a lighthearted wager, turned into a powerhouse” - this could be, in a few words, the story of our Botosani office, which began a bit over four years ago from “let's see how many people we can find”, to get the iconic building in town for the many great people that joined our team since inception."

Laurentiu Rusu

Director of Operations
Game's Night icon

Game's Night

Whether it's Arcade games, Poker, Catan, or Dungeons & Dragons, our peeps are always having a game up their sleeve. Usually, one gets invited to it by the intended groups, while some can even be organized inside our Gaming Lounge. Drinks included!

Coolest studio, in the middle of everything icon

Coolest studio, in the middle of everything

Our studio is positioned right in the heart of Botosani, which means that we have a wide variety of places to eat or follow up after hours.

A nexus of interest icon

A nexus of interest

Have we mentioned the individual talents that are part of our team? In spite of being focused on QA, Amber is a nexus of interest for all the people passionate about games of all kinds, art, programming, and everything that has to do with the Game Development process.

Youth Power icon

Youth Power

While some of us enjoy their grey hair, most of the team are young enough to brighten our office daily. While showing maturity way beyond their years, our people also maintain a joyful atmosphere.

Strong community roots icon

Strong community roots

We partner with high schoolers on different activities meant to improve their game development knowledge in a fun & challenging way, while also keeping them updated on the latest trends in gaming. We're proud to be part of their future and journey as game developers, artists, testers, or designers.