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Bucharest, one of the biggest tech hubs in Europe

Bucharest, the capital and largest city of Romania is a vibrant metropolis that beautifully blends history, culture, and modernity. Known as the "Paris of the East" in the past, it offers a fascinating mix of architectural styles, from grand Belle Epoque buildings to imposing communist-era structures and contemporary skyscrapers.
Bucharest is a hub of activity day and night, with a bustling nightlife, a thriving restaurant scene, and a wide range of entertainment options. Visitors can explore historical sites such as the Palace of the Parliament, one of the heaviest buildings in the world. Bucharest is one of the most important tech hubs in Europe and continues to expand.

15 Charles de Gaulle Plaza, 10-11th Floors, Postal Code: 011857, Bucharest, Romania.
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15 Charles de Gaulle Plaza, 10-11th Floors, Postal Code: 011857, Bucharest, Romania.

"Watching a company started in Romania grow from a handful of people to a community of over 1000 artisans spread over 4 continents in 10 countries is inspiring. Behind the successful company we are today is a dedicated and empowered collective, whose passion and commitment are the driving forces that turn dreams into reality"

Tudor Postolache

Chief Operating Officer
An office with a view icon

An office with a view

Situated on the 10th and 11th floor of Charles de Gaulle Plaza, our office has one of the best views of one of the most prominent parks in Bucharest. When taking a break from your computer screen, you can relax your eyes, admiring the 272 acres of lush nature, clear waters, and historical monuments scattered across King Michael I Park.

In the middle of everything icon

In the middle of everything

At a 5-minute walk from our building and featuring several open-air restaurants and terraces, this almost century-old park is one of our favorite spots for lunch breaks and after-work hangouts.

Giving back to the community icon

Giving back to the community

We strongly believe in making the communities we are part of a better place and actively involving ourselves in the causes we believe in, constantly looking for ways to support future generations of game developers through webinars, workshops, and even summer practices hosted in our office. Our commitment does not stop at the gaming industry. We are also involved in humanitarian initiatives like blood donation campaigns and aiding organizations that assist people in difficult situations.

Sweet tooth icon

Sweet tooth

Biscuits, candies, pastries, and cakes, from artisanal to vegan, we waste no opportunity to indulge in our sweet cravings. From birthdays to Amberversaries, you will often find our office kitchen table filled to the brim with delicious sweet (and sometimes savory) treats meant to be enjoyed by everyone. And did we mention we get unlimited ice cream during summer?

Games, games, and even more games icon

Games, games, and even more games

If you think that working in the game industry dulls your gamer instincts, you are wrong. It is not uncommon to walk through our office and see people playing their favorite video or board games. Be it for research purposes or just a group of colleagues enjoying a quick match during their break, you can always find a game on their screens, a chess table paused mid-game or well-constructed MTG decks … so many MTG decks.