Amber is among the 15 finalists of the prestigious 'Made in Romania' entrepreneurial program, announced by the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)

Amber is among the 15 finalists of the prestigious "Made in Romania" entrepreneurial program, announced by the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), with the stock symbol BVB, announced on September 26, 2023, the 15 finalists of the "Made in Romania" entrepreneurial program. Through this initiative, the capital market operator in Romania highlights both medium and large-sized companies, as well as SMEs and startups.

This marks the sixth edition of the project, launched in 2017, which has showcased numerous success stories over time. Companies that enrolled in the program for mentorship and consultancy have, subsequently, been listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The Made in Romania jury, consisting of Radu Hanga (BVB President), Răzvan Butucaru (Mazars), Dragomir Adrian (founder of, Simona Petrişor (Bondoc şi Asociaţii), Nicolae Kovacs (CEO Agista), Daniel Rusen (Microsoft Marketing and Operations Director), Ovidiu Şerdean (IFB Finwest), and Monica Ivan (BRK Financial Group), selected 12 finalists, while the remaining 3 were voted for by the public.

The event was moderated by Ana-Maria Neaţu, Project Manager of Made in Romania at the Bucharest Stock Exchange. "The 15 success stories are equally a source of inspiration, a model to follow for future entrepreneurs, and motivation for those at the beginning of their journey," she stated.

Radu Hanga, BVB President, mentioned that in 2017, the Bucharest Stock Exchange initiated a program aimed at identifying Romanian companies with growth potential. "The idea was not only to promote the concept of listing and the Bucharest Stock Exchange as a development solution but also to connect these companies and, of course, to connect them with expertise, financing solutions, other than the capital market, consultancy solutions. In short, to connect them with resources that help them develop."

Adrian Tănase, CEO of BVB, emphasized that the program is almost obligatory for the Bucharest Stock Exchange as it creates a dialogue with the entrepreneurial community. "I have confidence that we are on a very good entrepreneurial path in Romania. We reached 386 companies enrolled this year, a growth of almost 130% compared to the first edition. We won't stop here!" stated Adrian Tănase.

The 15 finalists of the Made in Romania program are Adrem Engineering, Amber, Apidava, Ascendia, Bookster, Chic Bijoux, Croco, Exonia, Farmacia Tei, Fitherman Pharma, Grup Şerban, Kinderpedia, Mobexpert, Qfort, and Ultragreens.

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