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Mihai Pohontu appointed Amber CEO

In April 2017 Mihai Pohontu, former Samsung VP and EA Mosaic GM has been appointed CEO of Romanian
game development services firm – Amber.

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Crashcourse in game design

In the spring of 2017 we started a workshop dedicated to high school students – Crashcourse in game design. We wanted (and want, as we are working on other editions) to help the them with insights from an area that is a bit unknow to them, even if games are part of their everyday life. In the first two editions, the students that participated were from Mihai Viteazul and Tudor Vianu, Bucharest colleges.
Victor Kapra was one of our guests at the workshop with the students from Mihai Viteazul National College. In the article below he describes Amber’s history and how the first Crashcourse went. When they arrived at Amber, the high school students were a bit shy, but after visiting the offices and getting used to the cool atmosphere, they were ready for the course. Gabriel Stancu introduced them to what game design means and how he got to be one of the Amber People. Having a clear idea of the filed, the students were ready to imagine their own game. As they were guided by Ionut-Gabriel Solomon and Aurelian Talpasanu, they created their first game character Soseta (aka Sock), who was searching through out the Universe for his missing pair. Ideas piled up and everyone was more and more excited with each passing minute. The first edition was a success!

Victor’s Kapra article:

For the second Crashourse, Oana Cosman from joined us and her impressions are in the article below. The event went quite smooth as the students got a lovely tour of the Amber offices from Ana Pohrib and Monica Farkas. After they became more familiar with the place, Gabriel Stancu was ready to talk to them about the exciting world of game design and how one can make a career while playing games. Moreover, Ionut-Gabriel Solomon and Aurelian Talpasanu helped them select ideas for their own game – The Semi Gods that will save the Planet! After the workshop ended we received a lot of good feedback from the students and the teacher that participated – even more, some of the scholars wanted to know when they could start an internship at Amber. article:

Antena1 – High Scholars @ Amber – Tudor Vianu (English Subtitles)


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Amber Extending

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July 2016 – Amber, the biggest independent Romanian gaming studio is extending

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July 2016 – Local gaming studio, Amber, with 4 million EUR income in 2015, is extending and transforms its creation department into another studio –

July 2016 – Local gaming studio, Amber, is extending

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July 2016 – Amber, the biggest independent Romanian gaming studio is extending

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July 2016 – Amber, the biggest independent gaming studio is extending –

July 2016 – The biggest independent gaming studio is extending –

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Gaming in Romania & The Growth of Amber

With over 60 studios, 7 000 employees and over 140 million euros turnover, the gaming market in Romania became, also, a regional hub. It’s the place where are created some of the well-known PC, console and mobile games for buyers all over the Globe.
Ubisoft, Gameloft, Electronic Arts, King are just a few of the well-known names that activate in Romania, alongside local studios like Amber – that had an exponential growth in the past years.
Blazing Angels, H.A.W.X., Silent Hunter, N.O.V.A., Mortal Combat, FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Bubble Witch, Asphalt, Brothers in Arms are some of the games that were developed in this Romanian Studios.
Moreover, this industry in Romania has become quite visible as different events were organized by companies from the field or by RGDA (Romanian Game Developers Association). DevPlay, the first local conference for this industry took place in 2016 and in 2017 there’s going to be the second edition.
The history of Amber started in 2013 in a small flat with just three people, three computers and the passion for games. Clients started coming, the number of people grew and a new accommodation was required. Now, in 2017, Amber has 250 people and are working with names clients like: Disney, Scopely, Kixeye, Little Labs, Oh Bibi.

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