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About Us

Bucharest Botosani

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We are a global innovation partner for creative industries

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Bucharest Botosani

San Francisco Los Angeles

Guadalajara ■  Montreal Kyiv ■ 

■ Warsaw Manila■ 

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Amber History


Amber founded in Bucharest, Romania with 3 employees.
A QA discipline established alongside the engineering core.
Creative Studio formed.


Hit the first $1M in revenue and 31 staff, moving into our first proper office space (not an apartment).
Started our first full game dev project, Cinderella Free Fall, in collaboration with Disney.


Started developing Little Leader for the Apple Watch, in collaboration with Glu.

Carbon spin-off launched, an incubator for local indie studios.


Started developing Link Twin, an original puzzle concept.
Live Ops discipline established, Amber hits 160 staff.
Moved into our current office, at Charles de Gaulle Plaza.


Mihai Pohontu joined as CEO in March 2017.
New offices opened in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Innovation labs established.
Amber reached over 280 staff.


Merged with Lorraine, studio based in Bucharest, Romania; released Rumble Heroes on mobile platforms.
Created strategic alliance with Fuero, Warsaw-based studio.
Reached $7.25M in annual revenues.


New location opened in Botoșani.
Merged with Scorpius Games, a Bucharest based PC/console studio.
Reached 400+ staff and $13.1M in annual revenue.


New Game Development studios in Guadalajara, Mexico & Montreal, Canada 

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The Amber Manifesto

We’re Innovation Partners, Purveyors of a New Development Services Model for Creative Industries. Read our Full Manifesto.

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We aim to excel at providing world-class software development services, infused with design sensibility, pursuing uncompromising quality, on the bleeding edge of technology


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What we Believe in

Mission, Vision and Values

See what we believe in, how we do things, how we try to have a positive impact on our company, our community and the world.

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