Leadership Team

Creativity, Professionalism and Data-Driven Decision Making Are Our Core Operational Values


Mihai Pohonţu


Mihai led the Emerging Platforms portfolio group at Samsung, aimed at expanding the company’s software development ecosystem. He ran Product Operations at Disney, where he established the Partners team, releasing a string of top-grossing mobile games developed with external studios. Mihai was the GM of Central Development Services at Electronic Arts and founded EA Romania, one of the largest game development studios in Eastern Europe. 

Jaime Gine 


Prior to joining Amber, he served as the Chief Customer Officer at Keywords Studios where he played a key role in driving the company’s impressive growth through M&A, taking the company from a value of less than $100 million to surpassing $3 billion in just five years. Before that, Jaime was the VP of International Development Services at Electronic Arts where he led a global team and portfolio of departments related to development services, demonstrating his strong leadership and management skills.


Tudor Postolache 

Head of Operations 

Tudor managed development support teams for over a decade in the areas of Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering and Customer Support. While at EA, Tudor led the Global Test Organization, with teams in 4 countries on 3 continents, covering EA’s entire slate across all platforms for 6 years. 

Scott Humphries 

Head of Product Development 

Scott was an Executive Producer at Disney, running the company’s co-development business for mobile games – a portfolio of over 20 games including Disney’s highest grossing mobile game of all time, Frozen Free Fall. Previously he was a Senior Producer at EA, working on The Simpsons: Tapped Out during his tenure, among many other top-grossing and award-winning titles. 


Alina Perrin

Head of People Ops 

In her 20+ years of international experience working for market leaders such as Renault, Accenture and L’Oreal, Alina built an impressive HR portfolio in lead functional and operational positions, tackling both emerging and mature markets. Her impressive skillset is complimented by her extensive business experience from her previous roles as Brand Manager and Commercial Representative.  

Cristiana Fenbach


With over 20 year of experience and a strong contract law and compliance & regulatory background, Cristiana combines her extensive legal knowledge with complex business understanding and negotiations tactics to deliver the best tailored legal solutions.

Roie Chizik 



Prior to Amber, Roie served as CFO at Software-as-a-Service edtech start-up Brightwheel and oversaw all aspects of finance, accounting, analytics, SysOps, legal, and real estate. He has held various executive positions spanning over 20 years in world renowned companies such as Disney, EA, and Amazon, as well as several venture capital-backed startups. 

Mihai Sfrijan

Head of Mobile 

Mihai started as a writer, then editor in chief at one of the first Romanian gaming magazines, then made the jump to crafting new experiences at EA, and after a short adventure he managed the first King Studio outside of Stockholm. Now he leads Amber’s mobile production team.  

Catalin Butnariu

Head of Corporate Development

Catalin led Gameloft’s Deployment activities, managing a division of over 1,000 people in several international studios. He is the President of the Romanian Game Developers Association and the lead organizer of the Dev.Play conference.

Iulian Anton 

Head of Product Development 

Iulian has over 13 years of experience in the mobile game industry, starting as an engineer back in 2004 and working his way up to leading various development teams at EA Romania.


Martin Caplan 

Head of Blockchain Games 


With over 24 years of experience in game production and design, Marty loves finding the sweet spot of invention, play, and commercialization. As Amber’s Head of Blockchain Games, he is leading the Merlin game studio, the Grail NFT production studio, and the Excalibur blockchain marketing studio, building top notch cryptogames for world class clients. 

Eric Koch 

Head of HD 

Eric’s career started out in QA testing, but later transitioned into design and then production at some of the most prestigious gaming companies in the world such as Activision, Sega, Rockstar Games and Sony.  Before joining Amber, he was VP of Production and Head of Business Development at thatgamecompany, where he worked on some worldwide beloved titles such as Journey, Flower and Sky. 

Cristian Radulescu 

InternaTional Head of BI 

Cristian boasts 17 years experience in the video games market, tackling and mastering various disciplines such as BI, Monetization, Product Marketing, Product Management, Team lead and Department Head. He launched and ran live operations teams for multiple highly successful titles like FIFA , World Series of Poker and Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest.  His main goal is  to deliver commercial success across multiple platforms, from mobile (Free to play, premium) to blockchain games and PC/Consoles.

Mihai Smaranda 

Head of Amber Dev Support 

Starting his gaming career in QA and growing on the managerial path, Mihai is a highly effective project and people manager with over 16 years of expertise in QA automation, requirements analysis/definition, process improvement, talent acquisition and change management.

Jorge Suarez 

General Manager – Amber Mexico 

With 16 years of experience in app and game development, Jorge is a veteran of the industry. He joined Amber in 2019 as General Manager for Amber Mexico to oversee daily business activities and develop strategic plans for the new studio. Now he is coordinating over 250 talented people in our studio in Guadalajara. 


Gwenael Heliou 

General Manager – Amber Canada 

Gwen is a 20+ years industry veteran. By trade a 3D artist, now General Manager at Amber Canada, he’s created video games for the best part of his adult life. Born in France where he started his career, he joined Amber 2020 and has been building and guiding our teams in Canada even since. 

Grzegorz Ciach 

General Manager – Amber Poland

Greg’s main career purpose is to create quality games. As a writer, designer and coder, he already put his creative mark in the Polish games industry, as Business Development Director at Platige Image, Game Designer at Winko Games, Narrative Designer at Tequila Games, and CEO of indie game studio PolyAmorous.  Now, as the General Manager for Amber Poland, he strives to leave his mark in the global industry as well. 

Mathew David Manolovits 

General Manager – Amber Ukraine 

Matthew joined Amber as General Manager of the studio in Ukraine in 2021. A 17-year veteran of the games industry, Manolovits has most recently served as Studio Production Manager for Ubisoft Odesa, with extensive hands-on experience leading and building large cross-discipline AAA production teams with a strong collaboration mindset.

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