The Romanian gaming studio Amber achieves a turnover of over 45 million dollars for the first time in its history

Bucharest, 16th May 2023 – Amber, video game developer studio headquartered in Bucharest and with offices worldwide, reports a record turnover of 45.4 million dollars in 2022, an increase of over 52% compared to the previous year. Approx. 1200 specialists work in Amber in offices in Bucharest, Botoșani, Guadalajara, Montreal, Kyiv, Warsaw, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Of the turnover of 45.4 million dollars generated in 2022, approximately 74% was income from Product Development activity for the development of video games. Quality assurance, customer support, localization services generated 26% of revenue. Product Development activities have increased on both mobile and HD gaming projects (PC & Console), and 2023 is expected to bring increasing opportunities in the HD gaming segment.

“We ended the year with the highest turnover ever recorded by a video game studio with 100% Romanian DNA. This is primarily due to the quality of the services we offer and the fact that in these first 10 years of Amber on the market we have managed to create a multinational based in Bucharest and a strong network of well-renowned partners,” stated Mihai Pohonțu, Chairman of Amber.

In 2022, Amber continued to establish internationally as a leading studio in the development and co-development of mobile, PC and console video games. After the success of Tetris Beat on Apple Arcade, Amber developed, together with Jam City, Wild Things: Animal Adventures, the first game in the company’s portfolio for the Netflix Games platform. Additionally, Amber helped develop Gotham Knights, a game released for PC and consoles for Warner Bros. Games, offering art and level design services.

Late last year, Amber attracted a minority investment at a post-money valuation of approx. 190 million dollars from Emona Capital, a London-based private equity firm, with the aim of accelerating development of the company by making M&A transactions.

“Amber’s results confirm the fact that the Romanian gaming industry has a landmark company, which is globally representing the local community of game developers. At the moment, we are present in 8 countries and we will continue the expansion of the company by mergers and acquisitions and opening new studios,” Pohonțu added.

Depending on the projects developed in each studio, Amber is looking to hire specialists in all its offices for positions of Art Directors, 2D and 3D Animators, Senior Engineers, Senior Game Designers, UI Artists and Game Testers, among many other positions.

For 2023, Amber expects to continue growing, and plans to reach 1300 employees as it continues its geographic expansion.

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