Kingdom Two Crowns

A Co-Development Case Study

Kingdom Two Crowns is a great minimalist strategy game filled with stunning pixel art and great sense of ambiance. Released by Raw Fury, it is a successor to Kingdom New Lands, which was an upgraded version of the original Kingdom. This game is about building up a medieval European kingdom and its most notable new features are a campaign mode, two-player coop, and a new Shogun skin that swaps out the game’s traditional medieval European aesthetic for feudal Japan.

Amber started to work on the project after two other collaborations with Raw Fury: Kingdom New Lands and Bad North, so we can say that our previous results brought us new consistent work. For Kingdom New Lands, we were involved only in game optimization area but for Kingdom Two Crowns our work was expanded on several stages. One important step was the mobile conversion for iOS and Android. Then the biggest draw for Two Crowns was the multiplayer coop on same device with split screen and sky-2-sky options. That made the game a lot easier by having a second person available to monitor your kingdom and able to jump in and out of your game at any point during the campaign. We also developed the cross platform save on iOS, Android, Steam, Xbox, PS4, Switch and the optimization process for mobile platforms. We’re also ready to go for cross platform play on Playfab using Playfab Party.

Being more than a sequel, Kingdom Two Crowns remains an overall improvement on its previous versions and offers the players a new experience through great scenario, additional tech level and the chance to explore fresh environments, units, enemies or hidden secrets.

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