Mobile Gaming Market – 2020 Overview

One thing is for sure: 2020 has been one of the most challenging and interesting years to end a decade on.

The Mobile Gaming Market has evolved along with technology in ways we could not have imagined at the dawn of 2010 and yet here we are – Minecraft is on mobile and a top Premium earner, Roblox is known as its own gaming universe for young generations of users and Match-3 games have hybridised with builders. RTS players are now playing MOBAs on mobile too and so are FPS Shooters. Not to mention some of the 2 big letters in gaming: BR.

And with all these events in the gaming world, they are just sitting the tip of the iceberg considering what else happened in 2020.

A world changing event – the COVID-19 Pandemic

We will take a look at just what happened this year. What mobile games were the rising stars and top earners and just how can a pandemic keep players inside wanting for social interaction and getting it through their telephone screen and mic.



  1. Mobile Revenue Driven During the first year of the COVID-19 Pandemic

While many mobile-forced companies have viewed mobile as a marketing and customer sentiment tool, consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced and accelerated mobile’s role as a significant revenue driver.

  1. Young audiences are looking towards games that have a focus on social features

Like ROBLOX, Pokémon Go and Among Us! are played by most younger audiences ranging from 16 to 24 (Among Us! and ROBLOX) with Pokémon Go standing out by targeting the 25 to 44 years old audience. The titles attract both Male and Female players equally.

  1. Voice and video chat apps along with streaming apps will grow along with games

Together with the virality of games like Among Us! propelled by a young generation of digital natives, voice/video chat apps have noted growth. Streaming apps have also been seeing increases in usage.

  1. Mobile Gaming is here to stay and grow

The Mobile Gaming Industry is set maintain its growth in terms of revenue, downloads and therefore, more games to come. This means that while the gaming industry is growing, so will competition.


What’s in the Report?

We’ll take a look at 2020’s top performing companies in terms of Downloads and Revenue and also look at which countries have earned the most as seen below.

Mobile Gaming Market 2020


What else to expect?

We will look at Liftoff’s Mobile Gaming Report, to get an overview on the state of User Acquisition in the Mobile Gaming Market in 2019 through to 2020.

Additionally, we will talk about Launch Strategies and some ways to optimize CPI.

Mobile Gaming Market 2020

We will also look at Unity Technologies – Mobile Game Monetization Report 2020 see what games by genre and region get the most of their IAP and Ad monetization strategies as seen on the left. 

Now you know the main events of 2020, but be sure that there’s more juicy information to cover for a whole year, so take a look at the full report available HERE and make sure you check up on us because we’ll be back with more gaming market case studies!