Amber x Sustainability

The last few years have marked an accelerated development for Amber – continuing to support our growing roster of partners, expanding our development teams, and pursuing geographical expansion to provide our agency with new vectors for growth. Amber is now in a development phase that requires we expand our international network of studios to cover all genres and platforms, while reinforcing our service capabilities.

Our growth journey is expressed in multiple ways: establishing new studio locations around the world, developing products on all platforms and genres, merging or acquiring talented studios and integrating them into the Amber network, carrying out additional investments in education and encouraging our people to pursue a meaningful career in game development, investing in a wider community of game developers, but also being “model citizens,” making a positive impact through our charitable efforts. The community has always been the core of Amber.

With the above in mind, we recognized the need to think about these topics in the context of sustainability. The importance of corporate sustainability has been growing in the last few years, and at Amber, we also believe it is our responsibility to walk the talk. Therefore, in 2022, we have focused a lot on defining our sustainability approach – who are our stakeholders, what is our sustainability vision at Amber, and, last but not least, what are the key areas where we can generate the biggest impact.

We envision Amber as an entity which sits at the center of a series of concentric circles representing our studio, the local game dev industry, and ultimately the broader society in which our teams are located. We feel a deep sense of responsibility and empathy towards the community within our company, industry, and society. Therefore, stakeholder engagement has always been fundamental to our business and sustainability model. We are directly involved with all our stakeholders, listening, exchanging ideas, and always striving to improve.

During a year, we regularly engage with our internal stakeholders – employees and shareholders, as well as external stakeholders – our customers, players, business partners, potential investors, and industry players. Moreover, we’d like to make a positive impact in the local communities where we are active – by participating in the formation of the next generation of game developers and contributing to cultural initiatives or government measures that support the local creative ecosystem. Therefore, our engagement with the Universities and schools, local authorities, diverse associations, and the media is important to us because it generates a long-lasting impact.


Our sustainability strategy is based on two layers – Amber’s foundation is based on fulfilled employees, satisfied clients, and strong governance, led by honesty and trust. This strong base allows us to champion the causes closest to Amber: diversity &, inclusion, and community involvement. The latter, on its own, spans multiple sub-areas: education, art, and volunteering. Our company’s results stem directly from a solid base of this pyramid and allow us to invest further on the top layer of the pyramid It is our positive impact that drives us to grow bigger and better.



Considering our concern for stakeholders, community and environment, we have identified seven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that can be achieved through Amber’s activities. Five of these goals have been identified as primary goals where Amber can have a significant impact. We provide a healthy working environment, inclusive and quality education, and equal opportunities for all genders while promoting sustainable growth based on empowering employees and reducing inequalities between genders, countries, etc.



Moreover, two SDGs have been identified as secondary goals, where the impact is limited but where Amber aspires to increase its contribution over the coming years. Amber fosters a client-based innovation based on inclusive and sustainable development and promotes initiatives that can contribute to combatting climate change.



In the coming weeks, we will be publishing a series of articles related to Sustainability at Amber, to present how we care for people of Amber, our key initiatives within Amber that are focused on education, and lastly, our community focus and how we support local and international associations that share our vision. Stay tuned for more!