Amber Academy Webinar - From Tester to Producer

Amber Academy Webinar - From Tester to Producer

Let's dive into a fundamental aspect of game development, a realm that truly distinguishes between a stellar and lackluster gaming experience - QA.

We're excited to have our Game Producer, Alexandru Pădure, join us next Thursday! Beyond being a stellar professional, Alex is a remarkable teacher and mentor, always eager to share his expertise and shed light on the often-misunderstood art of Quality Assurance.

In this recently held webinar, he covered everything you need to know about embarking on a journey as a tester in this industry - from entry points and career paths to debunking common myths. Alex even shared some captivating stories from his professional journey.

Whether you're contemplating a career as a video game tester or are already immersed in the field, pondering your growth possibilities, this webinar was an absolute must-watch. Stay tuned for more enriching discussions in the future!

View webinar here.