Amber's Next Level: Jaime Gine Appointed CEO at Amber

Amber's Next Level: Jaime Gine Appointed CEO at Amber

Amber, the leading Romanian game development agency, is entering a new chapter with a significant leadership transition. Jaime Gine assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to steer the company's strategic operations. Gine, formerly Chief Customer Officer at Keyword Studios and Vice President of International Development at EA for an impressive 15-year tenure, is poised to lead Amber into a dynamic phase of growth and innovation.

In tandem with this change, Mihai Pohontu, the outgoing CEO, will transition into the role of Executive Chairman. In his new capacity, Pohontu will guide the company's board of directors, steering strategic initiatives focused on innovation, community engagement, and sustained growth.

Brian Waddle, a distinguished veteran with 16 years in the games industry, assumes the pivotal role of Head of Business Development at Amber. Waddle's extensive background as a senior global sales and marketing executive, with notable stints at Havok, Virtuous, and Image Metrics, positions him as a strategic asset for Amber's growth. Moreover, his role as a board member at Telltale Games and his expertise in mergers and acquisitions underscore his commitment to driving strategic business endeavors.

This leadership transition marks a significant milestone for Amber, signifying a commitment to evolving and expanding its presence in the ever-evolving landscape of game development. Stay tuned for more updates as Amber continues to chart new territories under its dynamic leadership.

New chapter

"We are entering a new chapter in Amber's evolving story, as we proceed to expand our international network of studios to cover all platforms and game genres," said Pohontu.

"Jaime and Brian's joining our leadership team is a great accelerator to our strategy and I'm excited to welcome them to our group."

Gine further commented: "Amber is pure excitement and has been delivering phenomenal organic growth, but we believe we can do more, go faster, dream bigger. With great talent in Bucharest, Guadalajara, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Montreal, we have a solid foundation to take the company to the next level.

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