Amber starts hiring campaign for testers and programmers in Botosani, Romania

Amber starts hiring campaign for testers and programmers in Botosani, Romania

Amber, one of the most important players in the gaming market in Romania, has approximately 100 employees in the office in Botoșani, being the second workplace of the company in Romania, after Bucharest. The choice of the city in northern Moldova, says Cătălin Butnariu, Head of Corporate Development at Amber, came as a serendipity but proved to be a beneficial one for the company.

"We have an office in Botoșani, which emerged as a happy accident. We were looking to expand into the testing area, and there are cities with a tradition in this field. By chance, a person we knew from the IT industry moved to Botoșani, and came to us with a proposal that, although seemed a bit crazy at first, worked very well. We have 100 employees in Botoșani, even more motivated than those in Bucharest. It was a very inspired decision," said Cătălin Butnariu during the ZF "Romania's Most Dynamic Companies" conference.

Founded in 2013 in Bucharest, Amber is a creative agency structured as a network of studios with different specializations, offering a wide range of video game development solutions, including delivering complete products, co-development, platform conversion, live operations, and support services. The company has approximately 1,200 employees working in offices in Bucharest, Botoșani, Guadalajara, Montreal, Kyiv, Warsaw, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The company aims to grow both locally and internationally.

"We attracted a funding of $20 million. We want to grow through acquisitions now, not just organically. We have been in discussions with partners abroad about acquisitions for some time, and this year there have been several that would have suited Amber, but were acquired by other players, mainly because we did not move fast enough. Now we are moving faster," he explains.

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