Case Studies

A Custom Development Case Study

In an environment where we're accustomed to gain rewards for any action, it's a great thing when tools like TRIPP come and show you how to let go and just be present in the moment. With a little help from a VR headset and a really cool smart interactivity function, one can log out of the real world and jump into an immersive experience that guides you to a meditative-like state of mind.

Due to its floating sensation, the animated visuals and the gamified functionalities like choosing the mood you'd like to experience or the eye-tracking functionality within the headset that gives a responsive scene to your shifting gaze, TRIPP can surely be placed as an artistic game and is no stranger to other inspirational projects like Sky, Journey or Flow.

In the beginning we said “smart interactivity” - let us break it down for you: besides the perceptive presence, machine learning techniques and neural networks capture data from users to help the team improve on the system, so that TRIPP can transform in an experience adaptive to its users. Sound frequencies change regularly with binaural in the background and adaptive musical layers.

Case Studies

At first, we we're guided to generate the virtual worlds based on specific given assets. After we started building the art for every creative concept and came with improvement ideas and our peep's inputs, the whole team decided to spend more time on creating art from scratch and less usage of the standard assets. We also provided the graphics (3D modeling & texturing), effects & the concept. Our art team had to learn to operate a new Unity tool, but you already know we love challenges!

Case Studies

Every world had a default core structure:

  • Tank - the first setting, where you are just an observer of the world you've just walked in
  • Spline - here you start to slowly travel across a line
  • Kaleidoscope - here you'd find yourself spinning through an endless tunnel
  • Ascension - the final point. Here you'll encounter a hero object

We've built a series of different concepts, including Alice in Wonderland, Autumn, Music & White Night.

We hope to hear great news about TRIPP in the future and we also encourage similar projects that stand for a bigger scope to emerge on the market.