Case Studies
Dungeon Boss

A Live Ops Case Study

Ever wondered how does it feel to be the BIG boss? Well, it's about time you practice your strategy skills! Dungeon Boss is a fast-action, turn based, RPG battle mobile game loaded with tons of powerful heroes to collect and ascend, available on iOS and Android (Google Play Store & Amazon AppStore). You start by building a team of powerful characters and then battle through the dungeons using turn-based combat.

Case Studies

We were not kidding when we mentioned the word “strategy” above: you'll have to guard your dungeons & also raid the dungeons of your foes to steal their gold, take your teams to fight in campaigns against fierce bosses, upgrade the skills of your heroes, or reap special awards, all in a tactical approach. Nevertheless, it's cool that Dungeon Boss gives you the freedom to learn the best tricks from other players by watching battle Replays in My Dungeon.

Amber's Live Ops team took over in early 2019 with the main goal of maximizing all game KPI, with accent on improving retention and boosting overall monetization. In other words, keeping the player engaged. We knew what we had to do: add new content to the game, add new features to the game, launch new events/tournaments, continual product improvements & manage the community.

Case Studies

Because big projects require complex resources, we've assigned members from almost every discipline to the team. We had Production, Deployment Management, Project Management, Product Management, Engineering, Design, Art, QA and Custumer Support/Community Manager.

The tallest hurdle was met by our Engineering team: they had to learn and work with the game's proprietary scripting language, designed to bypass platforms restrictions on app updates.

On the other hand, we've had a solid art pipeline: concept art was a fast and effective process, modeling was done at high quality and feedback rounds taken in and corrections performed quickly, animation quality was great.