AmberCast is a special project that emerged from our desire to encourage an extensive and disclosed community for people that activate or are just interested in gaming.

About AmberCast​

Our podcast aims to showcase the perks of working in the gaming industry with the help of some very cool people with great experience in the field.

You’ll get inspirational insights and you’ll also witness juicy conversations about the main challenges & great project achievements. From the basics, to very specific sectors, AmberCast is here to cover the ABC in gaming and also tackle the things the don’t tell you in school.

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Our amazing Co-hosts

Gabriel Stancu
Executive Producer @ Amber Studio
Claudiu Jojatu
Head of Strategy & Co-founder @ Milk & Cookies

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#7 How do you influence the meta-game – incubators & accelerators.

Welcome to a new AmberCast episode @ Dev.Play Conference 2020! This time, Gabi talks to a special guest: Jason Della Rocca, Co-Founder at Execution Labs.

#6 About Indie Game Development – AmberCast with Alien Pixel Team

This time we got lucky to talk to the #AlienPixel team: Sergiu Crăițoiu & Olga Ciob. You should totally listen to this if you’re curious about indie game development & some juicy game production tips. 🎮🎮

#5 Local vs. International Gaming Market – AmberCast with Mihai Pohontu & Scott Humphries

For this episode, we had two very special guests that also happen to be great entertainers (wait & see): Mihai Pohonţu, our CEO & Scott Humphries, Head of Product Development @ Amber.

#4 About Business in Gaming – AmberCast with Bill Mooney

Guess who’s back with a new episode of #AmberCast! 👊

This time, our super co-hosts, Claudiu Jojatu & Gabi Stancu talked to a very special guest: Bill Mooney, VP of Proteus, with past experience at Zynga, Roblox and EA. 🎯

#3 Dev.Play Conference – AmberCast with Catalin Butnariu & Andreea Medvedovici – Per

And if you’re feeling indecisive about Dev.Play Conference, be sure that you’ll attend after hearing about all the cool stuff happening there!🎮🎮 P.S: there may be a hidden discount code somewhere. 🎯

#2 About the Romanian Gaming Industry – AmberCast with Andrei Istrate

The time has come 👊
Welcome to a new fresh season of #AmberCast! 🎬🎮
Let us introduce you to our great co-hosts: Gabriel Stancu & Claudiu Jojatu
Talking to this cool guy: Andrei Istrate

#1 – Introduction in the Gaming Industry – AmberCast with Diana Vasilescu

For this episode of AmberCast, Gabriel Stancu and Andrei Magnea talked to Diana Vasilescu about the fascinating world of gaming.

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