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Welcome to our series of Amber Academy Webinars!

About the Project

Sticking to our values is essential for us, no matter the conditions. When staying home became the new normal, we’ve thought about solutions to stay close to our Amber Academy community.

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Webinar 1

The Brand that Feeds You


For this one, Scott Humphries talked about “The Brand that Feeds You”, a broad theme that you’ll find very generous if you’re a developer looking to license brands or work with a famous brand in a game, or just curious about the experience of working with famous brands, like Disney!

Guest Speaker

Scott Humphries
Scott Humphries

Head of Product Development @ Amber

With over 15 years of experience spearheading some of the most successful mobile games in the industry, Scott is one great achiever.

Most recently, Scott was running Disney Interactive’s co-development and licensing business for mobile games, where he led a portfolio of over 20 games with 5-6 product releases annually. Titles Scott shipped while at Disney included Frozen Free Fall, Star Wars: Uprising, Disney Magic Kingdoms and Disney Crossy Road. He’s been Amber’s Head of Product Development since 2016.

Webinar 2

Adjusting to Remote - L&D, Recruitment & CSR – Amber Studio People Ops Team


  1. Best Practices during COVID-19 forced remote environment in Recruitment, L&D and CSR programs
  2. Amber Case Study: actions & lessons

We’ll share insights on:

  • IT Recruitment market: the challenges to recruit in time of pandemic and how the end to end recruitment process adjusted to remote
  • L&D: Transforming L&D programs to meet current needs, bring value and support the organization, all in online.
  • CSR: making the shift from live projects to online CSR.

Guest Speakers

Ana Pohrib
Ana Pohrib

Head of PeopleOps @ Amber

Andreea Motoc
Andreea Motoc

Learning & Development Manager @ Amber

Mariana Lupuianu
Mariana Lupuianu

Senior IT Talent Acquisition Lead @ Amber

Webinar 3

The Reemergence of Premium Game Design


This time, Solo, our Creative Director here in Bucharest will take the lead.
If you’re a Game Designer or aspiring to get there, this one is for you!

Theme: How streaming, cloud and subscription services are shifting game design back to its roots.

You’ll want to join to find out juicy insights about:
• Similarities between the gaming and the traditional entertainment mediums.
• How gaming can tap into new audiences and create new experiences.
• A glimpse into your future living room.

Guest Speaker

Ionut-Gabriel Solomon

Creative Director @ Amber

With an impressive career in the world of gaming, Solo joined us 6 years ago as a Game Designer, and now he’s our Head of Design, always dedicated to be a mentor not only for his people, but also for our Amber Academy events. When in comes to Game Design, there’s no doubt that he’s the one you should always go to.

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