War Commander Rogue Assault

The Co-Development Case Study of a Mobile RTS Game.

The origins of the War Commander franchise lie a decade ago when web browser games started gaining popularity. At the time, most companies took a very soft approach and delivered successful titles like Farmvile Saga. KIXEYE’s approach on the matter was more elaborate and visceral in presentation. They didn’t want a casual game, they went for the big prize and pursued a sci-fi concept. It was a huge success and KIXEYE decided to evolve the experience in mobile with full marvelous 3D.

Amber took an active role in revamping WCRA, which was a project that had seen multiple iterations with drastic changes between one another.



port our partner’s iOS code to Android and the collaboration evolved to developing game features from scratch. Backlog concepts were handled on KIXEYE’s side. The features were implemented via Amber’s nimble and lightweight development style. Our contribution didn’t end there, as we moved from developing client-only features to creating backend modules for features we were working on. It’s worth mentioning that KIXEYE’s WCRA had behind it 3 full companies with a total staffing of over 50 engineers. It was a powerhouse project any co-development team would die to be part of.

The engineering cohorts and their delightful cross disciplinary auxiliaries were organized in Agile Pods, which helped all the teams both onsite and offsite stay nimble without having to deal with a lot of heat from upper management. One notable moment close to the end of our engagement with KIXEYE and WCRA’s global launch was what the entire team knew as March Madness. That festival was dedicated to workaholics. Driving towards the end of march, the teams engaged in WCRA would work to their full potential and get reward for it. At the end of each sprint, towards March Madness, the MVPs of the team would get rewarded by either some small cash pots or Amazon cards, but the main reward was the glory to be certified the team’s MVP and be able to choose the Sprint’s theme song.

Amber also had a leading role in this play, in Sprint 22 Amber’s Project Manager was recognized as the most valuable Project Manager on the entire team.

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