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The Gratitude Economy

A bitLIKES + Amber Labs Innovation Case Study

One year ago I set out to develop the bitLIKES concept, a set of ideas that sparked out of a need to find new ways for fans to give monetary gratitude to their favorite creators. With co-founders that truly believed in the idea, we bootstrapped the company in 2016, forming bitLIKES as a public benefit corporation. The world is ready for what we describe as a universal gratitude economy, a platform that enables its users to ascribe monetary value to social recognition. bitLIKES is the missing payment mechanism to directly support content creators through the simple act of “liking” their work.

I was lucky to have known a very talented team called Amber, which has offices in Bucharest, San Francisco (where I’m based) and Los Angeles. They immediately resonated to the concept and we started working with their innovation lab to flush out the UX design. Through multiple rounds of iteration and testing we locked the design and began the prototyping work. Once we greenlit the prototype we began the full-scale development, which we only recently concluded with a complete MVP.

The experience of working with Amber Labs has been superlative, unlike any other external dev collaboration I’ve been exposed in my career. They are true partners in the creative process, investing heart and mind to expand the concept, think of new ways to deliver delightful experiences, and elegantly bypassing roadblocks after carefully executing research on the respective topic. Most importantly, their project management, engineers, designers were invariably top notch, senior professionals that added real intellectual heft to the project.

I cannot recommend Amber enough for engaging in this type of innovation we’ve executed together in the past year.

Behrang Garakani, Bitlikes CEO.

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