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Game Designer

Amber Guadalajara is looking for a talented Gamed designer to join our team. Are you in?


  • Translate the product vision and roadmap into engaging and well-balanced features and systems.
  • Help fine-tune game balancing, pacing, and feeling throughout the product life cycle.
  • Deliver clear and concise engineering-ready feature design specs.
  • Discover opportunities for and conceptualize new game systems, content, and feature improvements.
  • Communicate and coordinate with the wider design & development team throughout the development process, iterating on designs, features, and processes until we get it right. 
  • Review features (and events) and provide insights on balance, structure, and strategy, using a mix of data and player feedback to test and iterate on live features and new game content.
  • Prepare reports on relevant games that break down the game’s design, execution, player reception, and commercial success.
  • Research relevant video games through play, market research materials, critique, and financial reporting.
  • Effectively communicate results and conclusions of research to both creative and non-creative leadership of game teams.
  • Assist design directors in gathering needed information or data about game design topics.
  • Analyze and improve existing game mechanics and features based on playability, user preferences and trends.
  • Create characters, rules, game mechanics, and environments for new games.
  • Ability to create and update a GDD.


Effective communication:

  • You communicate frequently, directly, and clearly; You can convey the intent of any idea.
  • Ability to provide constructive and easy-to-understand feedback to any team member.
  • You are open to receiving feedback.
  • You can create mockups/wireframes to express visual parts of an idea.

Analytical mind and Vision:

  • Deep understanding of what makes a game fun. Ability to explain your reasoning to others.
  • The ability to articulate what is strong/weak about the design of existing games.
  • Strong understanding of what makes the gameplay experience last and gets the player to return to a game.
  • Able to learn and use analysis tools like Excel.
  • You are following market trends and, when possible, predict changes before they happen through analysis and research.

Knowledge and passion for all games:

  • A Passion for all types of games and platforms, including F2P Mobile games.
  • Knowledge of all types of markets and platforms (i.e.: Mobile games in Asia, Top Steam games, trending Nintendo games, etc.…).
  • You play both mobile F2P and Paid games (mobile/console/pc) on a regular basis.
  • Ready to explore any given game genre at any time as per the requirement.

Fluency in English, both spoken and written.


  • Technical background or being able to code.
  • Experience in Excel or any other analysis tool.
  • Experience in documenting, modeling, and developing game system designs.
  • Strong knowledge of F2P principles, including game economy, monetization, and live ops.
  • You have excellent skills in Unity.
  • You can prototype your own ideas.
  • UE4 Experience is a great plus.
  • Knowledge of photoshop, gimp, or any similar tools is a nice plus


  • A fun and dynamic industry where you can make a difference.
  • Professional and friendly work environment.
  • Easy-to-access headquarter located at Ciudad Creativa Digital.
  • Awesome and talented colleagues.
  • Support from all your teammates.
  • Access to training and learning programs.



Send us your application here: careers_mx@amberstudio.com

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